You can get someone out of your mind, but getting them out of your heart is another story.

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Tiara - Queen Victoria’s on Display at Winter Antiques Show
Sapphires set in gold and diamonds in silver in a flexible tiara in gothic taste in the 1840s.

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Have you ever watched a tv show and wanted something a character has worn? There’s a website called wornontv.net that finds the exact clothes and lists them with where to buy them for a bunch of different shows (just a few examples: teen wolf, pretty little liars, the vampire diaries and even doctor who)!


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It almost slipped

It almost escaped my lips.
Those word, so afraid to say them.
What if the feelings are not mutual?
What if I’m just hoping for something that won’t happen?

It never crossed my mind, that I wanted her. That I loved her all this time, I mever realized. And it hurts.

And this is how I spent the first of many nights were my insecurities and fear would destroy me with one single word.


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pansexuality did not come from tumblr. it has been around since 1926. it is not that difficult to understand either. 

asexuality is a legitimate sexuality and asexuals are oppressed too.

fckh8 needs to do their fcking research before bashing sexualities that theyre too ignorant to care about.

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